susep application process

The SUSEP application process is slightly different from the overseas SEP – it is 10x easier in my opinion !!

Firstly, look out for an email that is sent out one semester before the exchange semester. In my case, I was applying for NTU exchange in Y3S1 so I applied in Y2S2. This email was sent out around Week 6 by the Student Exchange Office. For Biz, 2 students will be nominated for SMU and 2 students for NTU. If you apply for SUSEP and get accepted, there is no way you can apply for overseas SEP anymore. Similarly if you have gone for overseas SEP, you probably won’t be accepted for SUSEP.

The information required to apply are pretty basic – Name, Email, School you want to apply for, CAP, that kinda thing. There is no need to write an essay about yourself or get recommendation letters. The whole process took me 1 minute.

With that said, I think that CAP would be a major criteria to be selected. For me, my CAP was >4.5 when I applied. It does not go by the normal points system that Biz has where need CCA points. Which means that I did not have to go for any SEP talks to be selected (-:

easy peasy application process







about me + this webby

A little bit about myself – I am an undergrad in NUS Bizad, Year 2. I created this whole thing so that I could let people know about SUSEP which is a local university exchange between NUS, NTU, SMU. For one semester, you will be able to go on a full local exchange. But there is so little information about the whole application process, what to expect, and how to get accepted.

I applied in AY17/18 SEM 1 so by the time anyone else applies the information in the following posts might not be identical. The following posts will be about:

/ Application Process in NUS

/ Acceptance

/ Life in NTU

I googled to find other people’s experience about NTU SUSEP and came across these few blogs, which might be useful to read: